WiFi for Schools

WiFi for Education


Graduating to better Wi-Fi with less equipment – Campus wide

Most of the examples you will see here are American, but the size and complexity only goes to re-enforce what can happen in the UK and EMEA.  You will see in our case studies and videos how Ruckus kit was able to provide all the answers when the schools and colleges asked the questions.

These day all educational facilities are challenged to move up to higher-speed, more reliable Wi-Fi. They want strong security, killer coverage, and connections that don't drop. They also need Wi-Fi to go to places where no Ethernet cabling has gone before, such as common areas, temporary classrooms, on-campus housing, and every corner of the campus. But for most educational institutions, tighter budgets and busy IT staffs make the transition impossible.

Fortunately, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi is the first technology that gives schools a cost-effective wireless infrastructure that's in a class by itself. It provides robust, complete coverage and award winning performance—at an affordable price.

With Ruckus, educational institutions gain:

See for yourself – do the maths…